Return Terms:

1- The product must be in good condition with product safety packaging and labels.

2- It must be within 3 days from the date of receiving the request.

3- Do not open the protection label for the outer packaging of the product.

4- It must be in its original condition without any damage caused by the customer.

Cancellation Terms

1- The customer can cancel the order within 24 hours from the date of the order, and before the bill of lading is issued.

2- In the event that the order was shipped before the cancellation, the customer can return the products with bearing all the shipping fees.

3- The order cannot be canceled after 3 days from the customer’s receipt of the products.

4- The order cannot be canceled after opening the honey box.

Return and cancellation method:

1- Contact the customer service to raise the return or cancellation request, and our team will provide you with the address of receiving the shipments designated for receiving the return and the bill of lading.

2- If the products arrived in good condition, the amount will be returned to your account from which the purchase was made within two weeks.

3 – It should be taken into account that Bee candy does not deduct any additional amounts on the fees of the shipping policies when canceling the order before receipt, with the exception of damaged products, so please make sure of the policy of using credit cards and the fees that may result from it that is not related to the Bee candy store. Please check with the bank in all cases.

4- The cancellation request shall be submitted through the e-mail within 24 hours from the date of receiving the request or by contacting WhatsApp +31624419900

5- If cancellation is requested after the date of shipment, the customer shall bear the fees involved, including shipping and return.

6- Bee candy store has the right not to accept any return or cancel the order in case the customer violates the policies

Exchange terms:

1- Products are replaced with alternative ones only in the following cases:

The honey bottle may be broken during the shipping process.

– There was a technical error during filling that caused the honey to leak.

2- Please ensure the safety of the products as soon as you receive the honey from the shipping company and document the errors or observations, if any, and send them to the e-mail, and our team will work to address the problem as soon as possible.

3- Offers cannot be replaced with others outside the offer, and compensation will be for damaged products from the same product according to their availability in stock, or compensation for a product at the same price.

Golden Warranty:

1- All bee candy honey products are tested and registered with the Food and Drug Authority and packaged in beehives licensed by the Industrial Cities Authority under examination certificates in specialized laboratories.

2- The store disclaims all responsibility for any change in honey, its components and properties due to improper storage or exposure to sunlight, direct heat and humidity.

3- The customer has the right to recover the amount of money if it turns out that the honey is not 100% natural, with submitting an examination certificate in a specialized laboratory, and providing the customer service team with a sample of honey that has been examined to ensure that in the accredited laboratory to examine the samples of the bee candy store, and all costs will be borne Examination expenses if it is carried out according to the specified procedure.

4- The customer is not entitled to any financial or in-kind compensation other than the value of the honey recovered.

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